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MDM: Medical Device Mayhem

December 6, 2016

There is no term for medical devices which failed to have proper basic research and have been marketed for profit without proper informed consent and proper review or data bases. This has been seen in the Dalkon Shield, Ovabloc, Essure and other devices that have mutilated the body causing physical harm and psychological and family/life complications. If there is no term it is difficult to educate the public and government to make things understood so that these issues can be discussed properly and action take place. Language is needed to deal with complex medical issues and thus I am giving a name to these events so we have a foundation to build on.

MDM stands for "Medical Device Mayhem".  MDM means a device was created and for a variety of reasons it has come to exist, and it has caused Mayhem. Mayhem is an action that renders the patient a victim in a disorder of confusion, depression, and havoc.  It also has the same effect on loved ones and friends of the victim.

MDM renders the victim impaired so that they cannot function from a previously normal status in which they were functional and could protect themselves. The injury inflicted is from the device (procedure) and its use. Data provided have shown its use and application can cause significant permanent crippling, mutilation, dysfunction and or disfigurement of the human body.

That these events have been committed needlessly, or with willful damage or negligence, and with intent, and by the nature of the event can be classified as an act of violence. As an act of violence these events should all be filed at the state level as victims of violent crime
.~ Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, MD

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