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“Essure” and “Hormone Health”. ~ By Dr.Vikki Hufnagel, MD

December 5, 2016

“Essure” and Hormone Health

The following is a segment from the Position Paper titled Crimes of Essure and the FDAby ~Dr.Vikki Hufnagel. Released 08/23/15. Amended 08/31/15.

“Women need to be informed that with the use of “ESSURE” they will be at higher risk for hysterectomy, and of all the risks associated with hysterectomy.” ~Dr. Vikki Hufnagel

Since the 80’s I have lobbied and advocated for baseline hormone testing not only for post tubal ligation and sterilized women but for ALL women as a standard of care to promote hormone health. This has been a major focus of my work. I have had NO support since my mentors died. No one in the OBGYN community has assisted me in this issue. I have been attacked repeatedly for my opinion which in this area is based on science and proven to be correct over the decades.

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Learn Why “Post Sterilized Women” should get their “anti-Mullerian Hormone” (AMH) levels checked

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