December 11, 2016

This is a news breaking story that tells all about Dr. Vikki Hufnagel's work to cure HPV and create a program to prevent a HPV and cervical cancer. This series is about the years of research she did in this covering  the policitics and crimes that took place to steal her formulas. This is a self help medical book and a muder mystery all in one. This is a story that eveyone will be talking about. As always ethics is the foundation of the work provided to you. Dr. Hufnagel tells us the story of working in her lab and having it repeatedly broken into with her papers being stolen. How a physican at UCLA tried to steal her work and formulas. Who was this? What did UCLA do? What happened... This is an incredible story that you will be telling you friends about. This is a true story that is still evolving. You can become part of the story. Learn how medication can remove HPV and cure this condition.  09.16.2012